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Welcome to the Guts of Gippsland.

We in the Guts of Gippsland don't fit well into categories and boxes. Not east, nor west. Not north, nor south. We're the guts, the engine, the soul. We're hard-working, adventure-loving, and smile-wearing. We're farmers and fishers, loggers and labourers, entrepreneurs and entertainers. We're proud of our place and always happy to welcome travellers along the South Gippsland Highway and Grand Strzelecki Track. Our reach touches Agnes Falls and the best end of Ninety Mile Beach, the pelicans of Port Albert and the lyrebirds of Tarra-Bulga National Park. We're responsible for the Tarra Festival, the Yarram Eisteddfod, and your favourite milk. Let us know you're here with the #gutsofgippsland tag on social media and we'll say g'day.

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There is so much to do and so little time. Miles of coast line give us the wonderful fishing at Port Albert and Jack River and peerless swimming experiences at Woodside Beach. The mountains give us a rare rainforest and winding hiking paths. The Tarra Territory is well stocked with waterfalls and galleries and trails.


Eat & Drink

Famous fish and chips, coffee spots galore, and more pub meals than you can count. You won't be short of gastronomic glory in the Guts of Gippsland.



Whether you're looking for handcrafted furniture, designer fashion, last-minute gifts, or supplies to keep your trip going you'll find it in the Guts of Gippsland.

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Rest & Relax

Home is where your bed and blanket are and the Tarra Territory has plenty of beds for you. From picturesque campsites to comfortable B&Bs, luxurious apartments to comfy motel beds, we've got you covered (excuse the pun).



We're here if you need help. Police, health, and fire as well as libraries, pools, and snake catchers.  For all the services available in the Guts of Gippsland, click below.


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